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MTS Movie Night #2 - posted on 10th Aug 2017 at 2:58 PM
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#1 Old 22nd Jul 2017 at 9:51 AM
The Mafia Family challenge (Sims 4 Edition)
Hello everyone !
I remember playing in the (it was such a blast) and there was a challenge that I'll never forget:
The Mafia Family Challenge!

So I thought, why not to remake it? to make it more suitable for the sims 4? Maybe I'll be able to pass this great experience I had into the sims 4?
First of all, this challenge is not mine idea, I'm only remaking it for the sims 4.
This challenge was the idea of psycho_katie_SC - http://.info/m/3000287

And now.. lets get to the challenge!

Sim City used to be quite and peaceful, other sims could trust their neighbors, and be not even to worry that they will live on to see the next day..
But it all changed. there was a vibe of fear in the streets, it's a situation that every sim for him\herself (or may I say.. simself?)
Now all you could see is families sticking together to keep each other safe from these dangers.

This is where you come in.
the streets of Sim City were rising with crime and disorder, and you're in charge of it all.
Bring citizens to their knees, begging before the Don, as you create the most influential criminal family in Sims history!

Simple rules to go by
Start the family off with an elder male(he doesn't have to be an elder, he just needs to be older then any one else, but elder recommended.), and at least one son and one daughter. There may be more family- a wife for the elder, brothers and sisters, or more children. However, no grandchildren yet! Also, everyone you create MUST be blood-related to the elder male. No wife or husband for the son and daughter yet, no "friends" to live with that family, nothing but blood related people to the elder.

Have the elder man join the criminal career track (you may cheat to make him the head, if you wish.) He will be the figurehead of this legacy.

His son (or one of them, if you made more) MUST continue on in his footsteps and join the criminal career track, too. However, you may not cheat to make him any higher up.

Other sons may have any job they desire, although the criminal career track is highly recommended (you will see more reasons why, later on.)

Daughters are not so lucky. They're not going to join the criminal career track(she can if her fitness and logic skill are 5+, and that will make her an assasin). EXCEPTIONS: They may work in home/family businesses. But the lot that they work on MUST be owned by someone in the family. She is also free to stay home, if wanted.

As is obvious now, family businesses are allowed. They may either be on a community lot, or a home business. However- only family members and best friends may be hired to work them.

Money cheats are allowed for the founding household ONLY.

The founder/heirs may NEVER move out of main house.

Adoptions ARE allowed, even for heirs.

"Whacking" of the founder/heir is NOT allowed... EVER!

The heir MUST be male.

All heirs MUST become Criminal Mastermind at some point.

May only marry/move in townies or NPCs.

May only move in someone that a sim in the family is in love with, even if they don't plan on marrying. (However, the moved-in sim is NOT considered part of the family.)

Vampires, Aliens, Plant sims, etc. are allowed. They just make no point difference.

Robots are allowed.

No cheats except for the money cheats in the main household. No mood elevators, relationship adjusters, etc!

Aspiration and Career rewards ARE allowed.

Sims created in the beginning may have any aspiration you wish. Teens must roll a die for aspirations-
1 - Fortune
2 - Knowledge
3 - Family
4 - Love
5 - Popularity
6 - Creativity
BUT if, as a child, the teen earned all their Creativity and Mental skills, and got up to 6 social skill: you may choose their aspiration.

And now, Let's speak about weddings!


All marriages must take the male's last name.
Affairs and illegitimate children are allowed.
In order for a sim to marry into the family, they must first become friends with at least THREE (3) sims in the family, including the person they are to marry. Being friends with family by marriage counts, as well (such as being friends with your fiance's sister-in-law.)
Married sims are free to leave the household and find their own place (but not heirs.) However, they may no longer use any money cheats in their new home.
If sim offspring from the family, but on another lot, wishes to get married- the same rules apply (their fiance(e) must be friends with three sims already in the family.)
Same-sex civil unions are NOT allowed. (However, same-sex affairs ARE.)
There must ALWAYS be a party for a wedding. But it doesn't have to be a good party, as long as there is one.
Divorce is allowed. HOWEVER, since divorce frequently leads to grudges and mutual dislike, failing marriages tend to stick together (out of fear of being "whacked."- more info on this below.)
Wives married in who already have a job other than Criminal may keep it, unless it is in Law Enforcement (in which case, see below.)


Cheats to kill ARE allowed.(even though I'll give some mods to make it easier.)
In order to "whack" someone, you must first either have a grudge against them, or be enemies with them. Just one is fine, you don't have to have both.
Only the sim with the grudge or that is an enemy (or someone whose spouse has a grudge/is an enemy) is allowed to "whack" the person.
Only sims with a job in the criminal career may "whack" someone.
Family members may be "whacked". However, different rules apply (as will be seen below.)
Any sim may be "whacked"- playable and non.
Graves may be moved to other lot. (you can make a special graveyard for your enemies).
Whacks MUST occur on a lot owned by the family (any- including community business lots and relatives' lots.)
The sim to commit the "whack" and the sim to be "whacked" must BOTH be on the lot at the SAME TIME.
Not everyone is successful the first time, and it really depends on how good your skills are, so this is
How to "whack" a sim-
First of all, get a 6-sided die.
Second, check the career level of the sim to do the "whacking":


Tough Guy, Petty Thief, Ring Leader- Must roll a 5 or a 6 in order to be successful.
Felonious Monk, Minor Crimelord, The Muscle - Must roll a 4, 5, or 6.
Getaway Driver, Safe Cracker, The Brains - Must roll a 3, 4, 5, or 6.
The Boss- May roll anything EXCEPT a 1.

If you are successful, you may kill the offending sim there and then. You may use cheats, or you may go it without. IT IS NEVER NECESSARY TO "WHACK" A SIM. But it WILL get you extra points if done well.

If you are looking to "whack" a member of the family, you still roll the die. But regardless of career level, you MUST get a 6 in order to succeed. (This person has their own skills and the rest of their family to keep them safe, after all.)

If an attempt is failed, you must wait until the next time the disliked sims appears again. After they do, the same rules apply as for before.
A sim that is to be "whacked" may NOT be moved in, even if all other move-in requirements are met (Deciding to "whack" someone after a marriage into the family IS allowed, just not if the decision to be "whacked" was made before.)
Teens are NOT allowed to "whack." (If a teen from the family will "whack" someone, the family won't be able to cover his\her job, and will have to give them away to a close friend of the family. (make that friend a a guardian and move the teen to their place.)


+5 for every "whack" completed without cheats.
+2 for every "whack" completed WITH cheats.
+5 for every successful marriage (Has a wedding party score of "gold" or better, no affairs/cheating on each other (not even flirting), they stay in love from the beginning up to the end ("til death" do they part), has at least one child.)
+10 if every wedding party score has been "Silver" or better, EXCEPT:
+20 if every wedding party score has been "Gold."
+10 for every sims to reach the top of the Criminal career track before having a child.
+5 if money cheats are only used in the beginning of the challenge.
+15 if no money cheats are ever used at all.
+1 for every family friend (this includes friends to family that live on other lots.)
+1 for every family member (husbands and wives don't count. However, adopted children do.)
+3 for every heir (including the founder) to die from old age.
+4 for every pair of (non-Fertile Reward) twins.
+2 for every pair of Fertile Reward twins.
+2 if the birth to bring in the heir is twins (in addition to the regular twin bonus.)
+2 for every sim in the family to reach to The Boss title (Only the heir or the founder can keep this title, and heir can't get it if the elder is still alive.)

-1 for every "whack" attempt failed.
-1 for every sim that accidentally dies on the lot (for whatever reason.)
-2 for every sim to marry-in that originally has a job in Law Enforcement (in which case, they must quit that job immediately.)
-2 for every family member to become an enemy of another family member (grudges are fine. Also, no points off for "whacking" family.)
-3 for every child/teen who gets an F at any point.
-3 for every teen runaway.
-4 for every child taken by the social worker.
-3 for every demotion in the Criminal career track.
-6 for every firing from the Criminal career track.
-4 for every child who dies.


This challenge MAY be played as a matriarch, instead (same rules, just reverse the gender roles.)

The first generation is the elder you begin with.

The challenge ends when the 6th generation of the main household is born. (you can ofc continue, but there is where this challenge ends.)

Households where non-heirs are living do not have to be played, but their families and "family friends" count as well. The goal here is to have a BIG, INFLUENTIAL, CRIMINAL FAMILY. So it's a smart idea to spread the family out a bit.

Well, that's it- have fun!
I hope you're going to enjoy this challenge as I will

Here some mods to help you with this challenge -
More Buyable Venues and new Venue Types by LittleMsSam - http://www..info/download.php?t=592824
Extreme violence by dramatic-gamer - http://sims4studio.com/thread/7833/...&scrollTo=76154
Funeral Event Mod by brittpinkiesims - http://brittpinkiesims.wixsite.com/...neral-Event-Mod
Drugs mod by basemental - http://basementalcc.com/download/

Enjoy and if you're having any ideas, suggestions or things that can improve this challenge, I'll be happy to hear them out.
also write what you think about it and\or what do you think about it if you'll chose to try it and finished.
Test Subject
#2 Old 5th Aug 2017 at 9:19 AM
I love this challenge idea and will start a family right away!
Test Subject
Original Poster
#3 Old 8th Aug 2017 at 11:08 AM
Originally Posted by rspop
I love this challenge idea and will start a family right away!

Why thank you!
Be sure to tell about your progress
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#4 Old 9th Aug 2017 at 3:50 PM
I love this so much I created myself an account just to say it lmfao I'll start it this weeknend!
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#5 Old 12th Aug 2017 at 7:36 PM
Originally Posted by CoteMaitasuna
I love this so much I created myself an account just to say it lmfao I'll start it this weeknend!

Thank you so much! its really warms the heart to hear it
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