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#1 Old 3rd Aug 2016 at 11:27 PM
The Sims 4 Circus Challenge
The Sims 4 Circus Challenge

This is my first challenge, so if there is another challenge like this one out there, please let me know so I can give credit to the appropriate person.

A circus has just come into town and is looking for someone to be the caretaker. You had just recently lost your job and are in need of money, and on a whim you sent your application in. And sure enough a week later you get a letter in the mail saying you got the job. It's time to pack your bags and join the circus! However, once you get there, you realize that being a circus worker may not be the ideal job.

Challenge Description:
You are faced with a run down circus that needs some work. It's up to you to run the circus and make it as great as it once was.

The Characters:
- Create your sim. They may be male or female.
- Your sim must be a young adult.
- Make them have the Ambitious, Genius, and Loner traits.
- Give them the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.
- Give your sim sophisticated looking clothing.

Now it's time to create the inhabitants of the circus!

The Clown:
- Must be male and an adult.
- His traits should be Goofball, Evil, and Insane.
- His aspiration should be Public Enemy.
- Everyday and Party clothing should be a clown suit and makeup. The rest of the outfits are up to you.

The Daredevil:
- Can be male or female.
- Must be a teen.
- Their traits should be Kleptomaniac and Childish.
- Their aspiration should be Fabulously Wealthy.
- Every outfit should be a helmet and body suit. I recommend using the Star Wars outfits.

The Acrobats:
- Must be one male and one female.
- Can be teens or young adults.
- Set their relationship to brother and sister.
- The female's traits should be Athletic, Jealous, and Mean.
- The male's traits should be Athletic, Hot Headed, and Bro.
- Both of their aspirations should be Bodybuilder.
- For the female Everyday and Athletic clothing should be a leotard, heels, and leggings.
- For the male, Everyday and Athletic clothing should be shorts, a tank top, leggings, and sneakers.
- The rest of the outfits are up to you.

The Lion Tamer:
- Must be a young adult and male.
- His traits should be Bro, Loves Outdoors, and Jealous.
- All of his outfits should have no shirts.
- The rest of all the outfits are up to you.

The Musician:
- Can be male or female and must be a child.
- Their trait should be Music Lover.
- Aspiration should be Artistic Prodigy.
- Clothing should be nerdy and sophisticated.
- Make them the child of The Ringleader.

The Ringleader:
- Can be male or female.
- Must be a young adult or older.
- Make them the parent of The Musician.
- Their traits should be Goofball, Childish, and Slob.
- Their aspiration should be Chief of Mischief.
- Make every outfit regal and fancy.

The Circus:
- Start by clearing all of the 50x50 lots in every world.
- Pick one to start and create your circus. You may use money cheats.
- You must have a trailer for each member of the circus. The Acrobats can share a trailer, as well as the Ringleader and their child (Optional)
- In each trailer there should be the essentials (Bed, tv, small kitchen, table)
- Make a communal bathroom for everyone to use.
- Next make the Big Top. It can be an outdoor stage or can be a building.
- There must be a stage and seating for guests.
- The circus should start out small, so don't make anything too fancy!
- Once you are all done creating your circus, save it to your gallery. (And maybe even post it for others to use)

[/B]Rules and Restrictions:[/B]
- After the initial build of the circus, you must send your money down to $1,000.
- No money cheats are allowed after building the circus.
- You cannot control any of the other characters except your own sim.
- If your sim leaves the lot, every circus performer must go with you.
- Your sim must have the Business career. All of the other circus performers are not allowed to have a career.

- Every week, the circus will move to a new town (Hence why I had you clear all 50x50 lots in every world earlier)
- You may use money cheats to move the circus, but you must put the money back to what you had before the move.
- Each weeknight the circus will put on a show. To put on a show you must throw a party at the Big Top. All of the circus performers must attend the party.
- For each guest that comes (excluding the circus performers) you will earn 35 simoleons.
- There are no shows on weekends.
- Every Sunday you must move the circus to a different town.

- Every week you will be able to upgrade the circus.
- The first 6-8 weeks you can upgrade 1 trailer.
- Week 9 you can upgrade the bathroom.
- Week 10 you can upgrade the Big Top.
- Week 11 you can add decorations.
- After week 11 go through the whole process again.

How To Win:
The challenge ends when the circus lot is worth $1,000,000.

Test Subject
#2 Old 2nd Oct 2016 at 8:28 AM
Are you saying you want the 8 members of the circus + the main character to all live together? Since that's kind of impossible should we get rid of a character or should we get mods for bigger households.
Lab Assistant
#3 Old 14th Nov 2016 at 5:20 PM
Originally Posted by ChiTheBloodQueen
Are you saying you want the 8 members of the circus + the main character to all live together? Since that's kind of impossible should we get rid of a character or should we get mods for bigger households.

you can make 8 people in one household and with 7 circus people plus your sim thats 8
Test Subject
#4 Old 15th Nov 2016 at 6:57 AM
Sounds interesting! I'll be sure to check it out!
Test Subject
#5 Old 26th Jan 2018 at 10:40 PM
Started it just now and I'm already loving it
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