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#1 Old 29th Jul 2017 at 3:44 PM
Default extra poses to already existing and posted Posepack
As I'm busy making poses that can be used with a pregnant Simmie and a Toddler, based on the poses I already made for a non-pregnant mum, I was thinking about this. The mums poses don't alter. It is just the position and or total pose of the toddler that will be changed. (I don't want the toddlers pose clipping in the pregnant belly). So I can put the mum's poses already made in the pack together with the new ones of the toddler in one posepack or I can refer to the older posepack and just put the poses of the toddler there. I don't know what is handy for you? Here are the poses that were already made.

Then I also have a second question: What about custom animations together with the posepack? Is there need for this here at MTS?
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