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#1 Old 17th Jul 2017 at 10:13 PM
Default desperately seeking info on Awnings
Does anyone know if there is any way to look at an awning file? SimPE has nothing like them, so that pretty much precludes them being cloneable. I was hoping to be able to look at their XMLs, like the other build mode stuff that can be used with the Scriptorium, perhaps. What I want to do is either make an invisible Recolor of an awning or at least find the functions they have that keep rain and snow from falling on the ground under them, in order to weatherproof some bay windows.
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#2 Old 18th Jul 2017 at 12:42 AM
Awnings were never added in SimPE, so you won't find them in the Object Workshop.

You can however find their resources/parts in game files in the Program Files. In theory---and this is most definitely hypothetical---you could extract the parts to then somehow piece them together to make a manual clone of an awning with its own uniquely named instance. Since it is a building resource like walls and decks, it should have a script resource.

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#3 Old 22nd Jul 2017 at 1:05 AM
Try using scenegraph search in finder to pull together all the relevant resources - you'll probably want to search for "awning" and then specify more once you know the internal name of the specific awning you're interested in.

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#4 Old 28th Jul 2017 at 9:35 PM Last edited by d4RE : 28th Aug 2017 at 6:12 PM. Reason: Update
Thanks for the replies.

I had a feeling it would be the case that I would have to manually make a script file. I guess what I was really asking was which files to search to find the info to put into such a file. I'll try my luck with the scenegraph finder. I kinda ignored it so far, because I didn't realize it might be able to search the game files for information not included in SimPE (like awnings).

I was wondering if following the slightly known info on floor tiles might lead to the lesser known awning files, since they seem to share similar qualities that can "weatherproof" a game tile - only difference I can see between them is that floor tiles don't have variable heights and angles. Or, maybe they DO , and that is what creates an awning?

ETA: Update
I was able to find quite a lot - pretty much all the Scenegraph parts ( GMDC, GMND, SHPE, TXTR, TXMT). What I can't figure out now is how to get the info that would normally be in the OBJD (like the GUID and descriptions) or the behavioral parts from BHAV and OBJF. I assume this stuff is in XML or some other text format somewhere, but it's eluding me. Looking at what I've found so far, it looks like they're put together a lot like a sectional sofa. Can't really tell if they are more like floors or fences - my gut is still leaning towards "floor".
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