MTS keeps rejecting my custom skin tones
Date Posted: 22nd May 2018 at 6:58 PM Views: 809
I decided to put my future custom skin tones on my tumblr because I am unable to do some of the changes that are required. At least on my tumblr I do not have restrictions. You will find my tumblr link on my MTS profile.
I will use sims file share for this. I'm sorry if those who get an ad before the download is complete. Also some my cc or mods may end up in the temp folder because not all mods and cc that you find on the internet will open in winrar or an extracting program.

I will still use MTS but for other things like downloading things.
and for those wondering why I won't upload on TSR, its because they also have restrictions.

My tumblr gets update once in a while.
I'm also a HTML beginner I can only do simple things.
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