Website up running again after many years break
Date Posted: 22nd Apr 2018 at 5:38 PM Views: 549
After many years of designing break I have now my new website up running. My website used to bee names Sims2palace, but that was when i was living with my abusive ex. I finaly managed to leave him back in 2013 for good and have focused on a well earned healing from that hellish experience with my ex. Today I have taken the name De Sugarpumpkin and I have two websites up running with that name, namely DiseƱos De Sugarpumpkin and Casas De Sugarpumpkin. I chose that name, because it is the nickname that my love of my life, that I found in 2012 started to call me. He is a south native american and he is the sweetest man in existence, he treats me with respect, like a goddess. He is truly is a living angel, god sent, to me...
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