Patterns with sims 3 create a pattern.
Date Posted: 10th Apr 2018 at 10:27 PM Views: 276
So I've been trying to upload one of my custom made patterns to MTS.
Since 2 april 2018. Its 10 April 2018 when I writing this entry and I finally figured out what channels are. After years of playing. I actually didn't know what channels are until I searched it up on google what channels mean.
And it is not fully accepted yet. It had been rejected atleast 2 times.
I just did edit the text a bit and added screenshots.

In the mean time I thinking about new Ideas.

I'm still learning to work with TSR workshop. I finally figured out how to set game paths. I only can create things from all games for sims 3 in it.
The only thing that you can do for sims 4 in TSR is editing things from the base game. But sims 3 has all expansions and stuff packs within TSR workshop.

I hope that the makers of TSR will add the other sims 4 games to it.

sims4 studio exists but I don't have it yet, I'm still watching tutorials for it and I'm still deciding if I want the program on my laptop.

I also need to remember how to do things again in Gimp 2 because I have forgotten most of the things. I remember that I could create awesome looking patterns in Gimp.

I also own CS2 photoshop now which has awesome brushes that I added which can be useful in the future. I never worked with photoshop so it is something new for me. I got this version for free and it came with CS2 Image ready where you can edit pictures in it as well if I'm not mistaken.
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