RL Series: Houses I've Lived In
Date Posted: 3rd Mar 2018 at 7:59 PM Views: 744
This is mostly a note to myself - but, if anyone else is interested... I've been meaning to Sim and upload a version of each of the houses I've personally lived in. There have been many! Below is a list - with notes on any progress that's been had

My parents first flat - Seattle/Renton, Wash.
7601 S 135th St, Seattle, Wash. (before remodel)
7601 S 135th St, Seattle, Wash. (after remodel) - build was started...
649 Hanover Ct, Spring Hill, Fl. - build was started...
Stetson Uni Dorm - Chaudoin Hall
Wesley House Campus Ministry
Grove Hamlet - Cardinal Apartments - DONE
Blueberry Hill - another "Cardinal Apt"
[...then back to Grove Hamlet; but done, and not gonna be redone...]
6422 Post Ct, Sprung Hill, FL - Granny's House - DONE
8088 Clipper Ct, Sprung Hill, FL - Our first house (that we bought)
Patchen Oaks Apartment, Lexington, KY
Mundy's Landing, Wilmore, KY
Woodlawn Parsonage - next to this church - Bardstown, KY
Ocala Forest - trailer/parsonage - Ocala, FL
Forest Corners - new - Parsonage, Ocala, FL
Yulee Parsonage, Yulee, FL
Sopchoppy Parsonage - old - Sopchoppy, FL
Sopchoppy Parsonage - new (It was orange!) - Sopchoppy, FL
Pasturelands Place (the HOA from Hell!) - Winter Garden, FL - build was started...
Lake Otis Dr, Winter Haven, FL - a rental - DONE
Lake Wales, FL - the last one! (before remodel) - build was started...
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